Human osteology & Palaeopathology

Combining macroscopic morphological methodologies from biological anthropology, we contribute to the reconstruction of osteobiographies, estimating age at death, sex, and stature. We also evaluate nutritional and biomechanical markers, discontinuous traits, and evidence for disease. Moreover, our expertise allows us to determine the preservation state of biological material and plan appropriate monitoring or conservation strategies, and to digitise the remains using photogrammetry.

In collaboration with the Superintendence and the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (University of Turin), the Morphological Anthropology Lab hosts a wide osteological collection of ancient human remains from archaeological excavations carried out over the years in Piedmont. Their study and the interpretation of skeletal indicators allow us to create a huge dataset for past societies’ reconstruction. The informative potential of lifestyles, funerary contexts, and social organisations of past people offers the opportunity to recognise ancient human remains both as biological material and cultural heritage.

Credits: Anthropological Egyptian Collection of MAET (University of Turin).